CGAfrica Metaverse Museum

  • Preserve African Art)
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Art Auctions
  • Many more

CGAfrica Community

  • NFT marketplace (Buying and selling)
  • Recruitment (Recruiter and Jobseekers)
  • Freelancing (Client and Freelancers)
  • Competitions (Eligible users)

CGAfrica Metaverse Cinemas

  • Film Festivals
  • Film Premiere)
  • Ticketing

CGAfrica Metaverse World

Witness Africa's Vibrant Past, Present and the Future

The CGAfrica Metaverse world is a highly immersive and technologically advanced virtual environment that aims to recreate and showcase the rich and diverse African culture and heritage. This metaverse consists of various intricately designed buildings and arenas, each serving a unique purpose and offering a distinct experience to its users. Through cutting-edge virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, CGAfrica Metaverse provides an engaging platform for users to explore, learn, and interact with the African environment in a virtual setting.

The CGAfrica Metaverse world will be designed to provide a highly realistic and engaging virtual experience, showcasing the rich heritage, culture, and diversity of Africa.

CGAfrica Museum on Metaverse

Preserving African Legacy

The CGAfrica Metaverse Museum offers users the opportunity to create personalized avatars and embark on guided tours led by knowledgeable guides. In this virtual space, users can explore different exhibition areas, interact with artworks, and learn about their historical and cultural significance. The museum arena promotes social interaction, providing spaces for users to engage in conversations, network, and connect with like-minded individuals. A dedicated information desk ensures a seamless user experience, offering assistance and support. The museum also features a gallery space for art displays, an exhibition centre for temporary exhibitions and sales events, a marketplace for artists to sell their creations, and an auction feature that allows users to participate in virtual art auctions

Key Features
Museum Gallery Space
Exhibition Centre
Auction Centre
Avatar Customization

CGAfrica Games on Metaverse

Join the thriving gaming community of CGAfrica Metaverse Game

The CGAfrica Metaverse Game is a comprehensive platform connecting gamers, developers, and creators. The Game Lobby Arena serves as a central hub with features like a Help Centre and social tools. In the Game Space, users enjoy immersive gameplay, multiplayer modes, events, and tournaments. Game creators can showcase and distribute their work using the Game Creator tool, benefiting from revenue-sharing and a wide audience. The Game Marketplace enables secure asset sales for developers and provides gamers a platform to browse, purchase, and review high-quality game assets.

Key Features
Multiplayer Modes
Events and Tournaments
Revenue Sharing
Avatar Customization

CGAfrica Community

CGAfrica Community: Empowering Creativity with Blockchain Technology

CGAfrica Community is a blockchain-powered platform for artists, job seekers, employers, and freelancers. It provides a secure environment for buying/selling artwork, job recruitment, competitions, freelance collaborations, industry news, and learning. Users can trade artwork through NFTs, connect through verified profiles, and access job features like postings and interviews.

The CGAfrica Challenge showcases artist talents. The platform facilitates secure collaborations, offers industry news via CGAfrica Magazine, and delivers decentralized video content through CGAfrica TV Network for animation and CG creators.

Key Features
Verified User Profiles
Secure Transactions
Job Opportunities
Secure Escrow System


CGAfrica Cinema on Metaverse

Experience movies like never before in the CGAfrica Metaverse

CGAfrica Metaverse Cinema provides an immersive virtual cinema experience. The Cinema Lobby acts as a social gathering space where users can interact, access film information, buy tickets, and enjoy virtual concessions. The Cinema Screen offers high-definition visuals, immersive audio, and supports multiple film formats, including live events. The Film Premiere feature provides exclusive access to new films with virtual red-carpet experiences and potential live director’s commentary. Film Festivals bring curated film selections, virtual cinema halls, filmmaker interactions, and awards ceremonies to celebrate the art of filmmaking.

Key Features
Exclusive Film Premieres
Film Festivals
High-Definition Visuals
Avatar Customization

CGAfrica Metaverse Expansion

CGAfrica Community: Empowering Creativity with Blockchain Technology

CGAfrica Metaverse is an immersive virtual platform showcasing Africa’s cultural heritage and history. It offers access to artifacts, interactive exhibits, and AR/VR experiences, allowing users to explore ancient civilizations. Cultural Centers and Community Spaces enable artists to showcase talents and engage globally. The project also emphasizes Africa’s diverse ecosystems and promotes conservation through educational resources. A dedicated blockchain system is planned to manage African art and culture, empowering creators and users. The ultimate aim is a sustainable, inclusive environment preserving and promoting African culture for future generations.


WHY $CGAfrica

Add description here


$CGAfrica unleashes the complete capabilities of the CGAfrica platform, empowering users to engage in NFT marketplace, community activities and metaverse transactions


$CGAfrica holders enjoy various incentives, including discounts on the platform, staking, exclusive access to NFT whitelists, and early access to new features.

Price Appreciation

As the CGAfrica ecosystem continues to expand, there is a projected increase in demand for $CGAfrica, which is anticipated to drive price appreciation.


Add description here

Token Supply

Max Token Supply: 3,000,000,000

Total Token Supply: 3,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 1,650,000,000


  1. Research and Planning

    • Project whitepaper.
    • Market research
    • CGAfrica Token Page

  2. CGA Community v2 Release

    • Legal compliance
    • Smart Contract & Private sale
    • Release CGAfrica v2

  3. Web3 Integration

    • Web3 integration
    • CGA Competition/Article release
    • Seed Sale

  4. CGAverseWeb Beta Release

    • 3D scanning artifacts
    • CGAverseWeb Alpha Testing
    • Public sale

  5. CGAverseWeb Beta Release

    • CGA NFT marketplace/Recruitment
    • VR/AR system design
    • CGAfrica Metaverse Alpha Testing

  6. CGA Wallet Release

    • CGAMeta interoperability protocols
    • CGA Freelance marketplace released.
    • CGA Wallet release.

  7. CGAverseWeb Beta release

    • CGAverseWeb3D Beta release
    • CGAverseWeb Beta release
    • CGAMeta Beta Release

  8. Official Launch

    • CGAverseWeb release
    • CGAverseWeb3D release
    • CGAMeta Beta release

  9. CGAMeta Expansion

    • Museum Partnership
    • Artifacts database expansion
    • CGA Metaverse Game begins.
    • CGA TV release

  10. CGAMeta Exhibition

    • CGAMeta Exhibition release
    • CGAMeta Auction release
    • CGAMeta ML/AI begins
    • Research CGAfrica Blockchain

  11. CGAMeta Game Alpha Release

    • CGA Metaverse Game Alpha release
    • CGA Wallet v2 release
    • CGAMeta AI integration

  12. CGAMeta Game Beta Release

    • CGA Metaverse Game Beta
    • CGA Community upgrade
    • CGAMeta expansion

  13. 2026 & Beyond

    • CGAMeta Games release
    • CGAMeta Cinema release
    • CGAfrica Blockchain release


Mayowa Osewa


Femi Osewa

Co-founder; Strategic Lead

Hassan Anifowose

VR/VDC/BIM Specialist

Kaleb Kinch

Frontend Developer

Adetiloye Olamide Adesida

UI/UX designer

Olaide Osasuwa

Legal & Compliance Advisor

Oyin Ayoade

PR/Head of Marketing

Robert Akinyemi

Creative Lead/ Chief Editor

Kolade Morakinyo

Sound Consultant

Victor Omotayo



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Our FAQ section is designed to address commonly asked questions about CGAfrica and its services. If you have any additional inquiries not covered here, please feel free to contact our support team through the provided contact form or seek assistance from our AI assistant for further guidance.

What is CGAfrica?

CGAfrica is an innovative platform that offers various features, such as Metaverse Museums, Metaverse Exhibition, Metaverse Cinemas, Metaverse Games, and a community platform. These features utilize blockchain technology to ensure a secure and transparent environment for artists, art enthusiasts, job seekers, employers, and clients to engage, learn, transact, and showcase their skills and work.

CGAfrica Token offers a robust system that ensures the utmost security and transparency in recording the provenance, ownership, and documentation of artistic artifacts. Artists can confidently showcase their work, knowing that a comprehensive and reliable record is maintained, enhancing trust and credibility within the community.

How does CGAfrica preserve African artifacts?

CGAfrica implements innovative methods such as 3D scanning and 3D modeling to create digital replicas of African artifacts. These replicas are stored and displayed in metaverse museums, ensuring the preservation of African cultural heritage. Additionally, blockchain technology is used to establish secure and transparent records of the provenance, ownership, and documentation of the artifacts.

What is CGAfrica Metaverse?

CGAfrica Metaverse is a groundbreaking application that revolutionizes the preservation and display of African cultural heritage. It utilizes blockchain and 3D scanning technology to provide a secure and immersive virtual environment for preserving African artifacts. It establishes transparent records of artifact provenance and ownership while creating digital replicas for users to appreciate and learn from.

How can I access the CGAfrica Metaverse Museum?

The CGAfrica Metaverse Museum can be accessed through three different mediums:

CGAverseWeb: Users can access the museum through a website interface using a mouse and keyboard for interaction.

CGAverseWeb3D: Users can control their avatar characters using a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs for exploration and interaction in a non-virtual reality environment.

CGAMeta: Users with VR headsets can fully immerse themselves in the virtual environment, taking control of their avatars and experiencing the museum as if they were physically present.

What is the CGAfrica Metaverse Exhibition?

The CGAfrica Metaverse Exhibition is an innovative way for artists to showcase their work to a broader audience and for art enthusiasts to connect with and purchase art. It offers a captivating experience within a simulated real-life environment where users can freely explore and acquire stunning artworks.

Can artists showcase artwork on CGAfrica Museum?

Yes, artists can showcase their work in the CGAfrica Metaverse Museum through the Exhibition Center. They can participate in temporary art exhibitions, private exhibitions, and sales events to gain exposure to a wider audience and connect with potential buyers and collectors.

What is AfroCreator in the CGAfrica Metaverse?

AfroCreator is a UI interface within the CGAfrica Metaverse that allows artists to publish and upload their artwork, artefacts, and assets. It provides a user-friendly interface for creators to share their creations with a global audience.

What is CGAfrica Metaverse Cinema Arena?

The CGAfrica Metaverse Cinema Arena provides a virtual cinema experience. It includes features such as avatar interaction, information displays, a ticketing system, a concessions area, customization options, a cinema screen with high-definition projection and immersive audio, film premieres, and film festivals.

What is CGAfrica Token?

CGAfrica Token is a game-changing cryptocurrency exclusively designed to serve the needs of artists. It provides artists with the opportunity to earn and trade within an art and computer graphics community. The platform’s user-friendly interface caters specifically to the needs of artists.

It also provides a secure and transparent record of the provenance, ownership, and documentation of the artifacts.

How is the CGAfrica Token supply managed?

The CGAfrica ecosystem uses a balanced inflationary and deflationary system to maintain a healthy token economy. CGAfrica tokens are minted when users perform specific activities or reach milestones within the CGAfrica ecosystem. The total supply of CGA tokens is capped at 3 billion, ensuring a limited amount of tokens can be minted. Additionally, token burning is implemented to provide a deflationary mechanism and maintain a balance between supply and demand.

How can I get involved with CGAfrica?

You can get involved with CGAfrica by registering on the platform as an artist or user. As an artist, you can showcase your work, connect with potential buyers, and access resources and support. As a user, you can explore and appreciate African art, participate in safe transactions, and engage with the community. Visit the CGAfrica website for more information on how to get started.

To get involved with CGAfrica, you can explore the CGAfrica Metaverse, participate in exhibitions, auctions, or gaming events, connect with artists and fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the preservation and promotion of African art and culture within the platform.

What is CGAfrica Community?

CGAfrica Community is a blockchain-powered platform that offers various services and opportunities for artists, job seekers, employers, freelancers, and enthusiasts in the creative industry. It provides a secure and trustworthy environment for buying and selling artwork, job recruitment, competitions, freelance collaborations, industry news, learning, and content delivery.

How can I get started with CGAfrica Community?

To get started with CGAfrica Community, simply visit the website and create an account. Depending on your role (artist, job seeker, employer, freelancer, etc.), you can explore the various features and functions available to you. Don’t forget to verify your profile to enjoy added benefits and trust within the community.

What is CGAfrica Metaverse Game Arena?

The CGAfrica Metaverse Game Arena offers various features for gamers, including help center access, social interaction, game selection, multiplayer modes, events and tournaments, game developer publishing, and a game marketplace to enhance gaming experiences and foster a community within the metaverse.

Are there opportunities for game developers?

Yes, the CGAfrica Metaverse provides opportunities for game developers to showcase and distribute their creations through the Game Developer Publishing feature. Developers can submit their games for review and potential inclusion in the CGAfrica Metaverse Game Arena and earn revenue through in-game purchases, subscriptions, or advertisements.

What are the future plans for CGAfrica Metaverse?

CGAfrica Metaverse has plans to create an African History Arena to explore African cultural heritage, Cultural Centres and Community Spaces to foster artistic expression and social interaction, and Natural Landscapes and Ecosystems to showcase Africa’s diverse natural beauty. Additionally, CGAfrica aims to build a dedicated blockchain system for the secure management of African art and culture.

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